Rent our BMW motorcycles

Our motorbikes can be rented. Find what’s best for you.
The price includes top-case and BMW Wireless cradle.
Daily limit – 350 km, additional price/km – 0.3 Euro/km

BMW Rallye tours

R1250GS Rallye

Cost 1-2 days
Cost 3-5 days
Cost 6-14 days

149 €/day
139 €/day
134 €/day

BMW TripleBlack Tours

R1250GS Triple Black Low

Cost 1-2 days
Cost 3-5 days
Cost 6-14 days

149 €/day
139 €/day
134 €/day

BMW Trophy Tours

R1250GS Trophy

Cost 1-2 days
Cost 3-5 days
Cost 6-14 days

149 €/day
139 €/day
134 €/day

BMW TripleBlack Tours

R1250GS Triple Black

Cost 1-2 days
Cost 3-5 days
Cost 6-14 days

149 €/day
139 €/day
134 €/day

in each rental:

Top case

BMW Connected Ride Cradle

Full Casco Insurance

Additional accessories:

5€ / day

Side boxes

10€ / day

Airbag vest

5€ / day

Go-Pro camera

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The perfect tourer

We have prepared for you 4 BMW R1250 GS motorcycles, including the low suspension version.

Road assistance

In our motorcycle tours of 7 days or more, the group is accompanied by an assistance car.

The best package

Comfort and safety. Our GS 2023 motorcycles fully equipped for short or long tours.

Full insurance

For your peace of mind and comfort, all our motorcycles have Full Casco Insurance.

Gift voucher

Buy a voucher for friends!

Voucher ture moto

Valid for all motorcycle tours and rentals in 2024.

You won’t find a more suitable gift no matter how hard you search.

With Moto-Moto vouchers you can make a motorcycling enthusiast happy. What’s more, an airbag vest comes as a bonus for the booked period.

Tourist attractions from motorcycle tours

Choose from our ready-made list or create your own tour on your favourite motorcycle.

Gutâi Pass – Maramureș

The more than 200 curves and the good quality of the asphalt recommend this road as one of the most beautiful in Romania.

Wonderful accommodation in Maramureș

After spectacular landscapes and curves, authentic accommodation locations complete the Moto-Moto experience.

  • traditional dinner
  • cultural attractions in the area
  • comfort

Bâlea Lake

One of the most beautiful glacial lakes, located at an altitude of 2034 m, in Făgăraș Mountains.

  • the main objective on Transfăgărășan
  • natural reservation
  • parking lot with payment and restaurant

Friends on the side of the road

Every time we make new friends on the Moto-Moto tours.

  • we drive carefully in their area
  • we try not to scare them
  • we respect them


A historical city representative for Transylvania, which used to be one of the main centres of the Saxon settlers established in the area.

  • narrow medieval streets
  • historical buildings
  • lively tourist town

Transalpina in Apuseni Mountains – Alba

One of the most beautiful and hidden roads for motorcyclists begins only 80 km from Cluj-Napoca – Transalpina in Apuseni Mountains.

The General’s Road

A very curved road that connects Măguri-Răcătău and Mărișel.

  • altitude 1250 m
  • beautiful landscapes in Apuseni Mountains
  • well-maintained narrow roads


Probably the number 1 attraction for motorcyclists in Romania, this strategic road completed in 1974 connects Sibiu and Vâlcea counties.

  • maximum altitude 2042 m
  • it has a length of 150 km
  • The favourite section is Căldarea Bâlea, between Bâlea Lake and Bâlea Waterfall

Wilder friends

On Transfăgărășan, we will meet bears more than likely.

We can carefully take photos, but we will not scare them and in no case will we feed them.


An emblematic university city for the region of Transylvania, an important economic and cultural centre.

  • tourist town
  • academic centre
  • eclectic city